Find Me & My records

This is all the merchandise of Me & My that I know about or have found on the internet. Although the most of it comes from their former fan club.
You can see the scans of their catalog in the Scans section.
Some of these pictures will get replaced by a photo of the real thing (because I have them), except for the belt & wrist bag.
T-shirt (was available in Small, Medium & Large) (Got to make a pic of it)
Poster with the girls in the Dub-I-Dub outfits.
Picture yet to be scanned (when I find them)The postcards had the same picture as the posters.
White pen with Me & My logo. (Got to make a pic of it)
Key ring in metal.
Leather Belt
Mug (Got to make a pic of it)
Pin in metal
Some litte bag to put around your wrist
A badge

A japanese video.
1. Dub-I-Dub
2. Dub-I-Dub (Karaoke version)
3. Baby Boy
4. Baby Boy (Karaoke version)
5. Lion Eddie
6. Magic Love (Special version for Japan)
Pen bag (or how you call it in english)
Some stickers I got when I joined the fan club

Stuff that (probably) wasn't available through the fan club, but just in the stores.
A Japanese telephone card.
Found this on E-Bay (unfortunatly I didn't win it).
Another Japanese telephone card.
Found this on Yahoo! Auctions Japan.